Tyson Henry plays 100

Tyson Henry plays 100

Ok Tyson, it’s now your turn! Tyson Henry knocked up his 100th game for the mighty Taipans over the weekend when he pulled on the boots for the under 16’s.

Tyson’s day started well, picking up 3 wickets for the under 16’s and finished on an even bigger note, sharing in a partnership that saw good mate Sam Carter knock up a ton. Seriously, those two and Lincoln Wong must be brothers, I mean do you ever see them apart? If you looks closely even the picture in this post is the 3 of them together. Then when they’re not, they are patting each other on the back on Facebook… Lots of love at the Snake Pit. Anyhow, I digress.

Well done Tyson, here’s to another 200 (along with your mates).

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